CSIRO Feature News Stories

Image of a brain scan

How we’re helping business

From energy devices to prawns, we’re working with business and the community to create a better future – watch the video.

Close-up of a fruit fly with micro sensor attached to its back, with text overlaid Managing Q-fly threat.

Protecting Aussie farms with insect secrets

We’re combining micro sensing, sterile insect technology and new insect trapping systems to protect our farms from Australia’s most damaging pest.

2010 baseline map of organic carbon in Australian soil, with text overlaid - Soil carbon map

Map of Australia's soil carbon

This new map of Australia’s stored soil carbon provides a key benchmark, against which we can track future soil carbon changes.

Minister Ian Macfarlane, with the text Productivity Push overlaid. (Image: AFR picture by Louie Douvis)

How will Australia remain globally competitive?

Read the latest edition of our magazine, resourceful, to find out how increased productivity will help Australia stay globally competitive in the resources sector.